Stănescu, Miloș, Dumitru și Asociații

The top position in the attorneys-at-law rankings is well deserved and supported on one hand by the numerous times we managed to solve amiably and in due time disputes and litigations and on the other hand by the professional and human quality of our team.

The SMDA team is formed by lawyers with a vast experience in the juridical field, but also by young, enthusiastic and energetic attorneys. And they all have in common a solid education, passion and high professional standards. This remarkable team is led by the three attorneys-at-law and founding members of SMDA: Arin Octav Stănescu, Simona Miloș and Ștefan Dumitru.


Is founding member and partner at SMDA and has a large experience in representing and assisting clients in domains as recovering debts, insolvency, arbitration and real-estate transactions. In the said area, Ștefan took part and gained a solid reputation in several real estate transactions such as Dâmbovița Centre and Grand Arena Shopping Mall – being two of the most important transactions of nowadays. His area of expertise also covers the public-private partnership domain, being involved in some major projects in this field. An excellent specialist, he is author of several specialized papers and articles and took part, as a lecturer, to many conferences on insolvency procedures. Member of the Board of SIF 1 Banat-Crișana, Ștefan is a member of the Bucharest Bar, of International Bar Association and UNPIR and also a member of the team entrusted with the elaboration of the New Insolvency Code.