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Once more, we were awarded for Excellence in Insolvency

At this year's Top Lawyers Gala organized by FinMedia, SMDA was awarded for the fourth consecutive year the trophy for Excellence in Insolvency: "for their performance and efficiency in recovering claims in insolvency proceedings, for not only representing clients before the courts, but also acting as consultants, and also for the creativity and efficiency they proved when solving complex cases for their clients - financial institutions, we grant the award for Excellence in Insolvency to SMDA attorneys at law - a company whose entire activity reaches the highest standards of excellence and ethics and is, therefore, on this podium at every edition of the Gala "- the organizers stated at the Gala.
The fourth trophy proves once more the SMDA's team consistency in performance and we thank all colleagues for their seriousness and professionalism with which they address each case.
However, we couldn't have been awarded this trophy without our clients who have always trusted us and considered us their true partners. We believe this partnership relationship is a key to success and that is why this trophy belongs equally to the SMDA team and all our society's clients. Thank you for your support and we hope that we will continue to write together new stories of success.

Gala FinMedia

SMDA won the lawsuit for Centrofarm

Centrofarm won the lawsuit against SN Plafar regarding the Plafar retail brand. After initially the Bucharest Court ordered the cancellation of partial assignment of the brand between SN Plafar and Centrofarm, in the insolvency proceedings of SN Plafar, The Bucharest Court of Appeal upheld Centrofarm. Therefore, the Plafar retail brand remains irrevocably the heritage of Centrofarm.
Centrofarm bought the brand in 2008 and invested large sums of money in promoting the brand through a new concept of modern shops, known by their presence in major shopping centers across the country. In this process, which lasted over two years, Centrofarm was represented by SMDA, one of the most successful law firms in Romania, owner of Excellence Award in Insolvency in the last three years.

firma Centrofarm

We won the trial for Euroinvest Intermed

SMDA won the trial regarding the admission of the insolvency procedure application formulated by 3 construction firms against Euroinvest Intermed – holder of the Grand Arena Commercial Centre situated in the South of Bucharest. As a result, starting 12.04.2013, Euroinvest Intermed is no longer in insolvency procedure as according to the final decision of the Court of Appeal Bucharest.
„We are pleased that the superior court represented by the Court of Appeal upheld the appeal, changing throughout the Bucharest Court ruling in the admission of the debtor's appeal and thus rejected the application of the creditor. It is obvious that Euroinvest Intermed is not an insolvent company, since there are no debts due to suppliers, banks or the state budget and its annual turnover figure is in the millions of euros. In the present case it is not a refusal to pay the debtor due to lack of liquidity, but it has to do with contentious and controversial claims that require a complex analysis that exceeds the jurisdiction of the Insolvency Court, fact also noticed by the Court of Appeal.”



SMDA represents Centrofarm in court in order for it to maintain the ownership of the Plafar trademark and of the units with the same name, specialized in trading natural products.

firma Centrofarm

Euroinvest Intermed

SMDA represents in court Euroinvest Intermed – holder of the Grand Arena Commercial Centre situated in the South of Bucharest, in the trial regarding the admission of the insolvency procedure application formulated by 3 construction firms.