Stănescu, Miloș, Dumitru și Asociații

Our expertise extends mainly in the areas of commercial right. Whether you are national, foreign or multinational company that operates in Romania, we can assist and represent you in insolvency proceedings, litigations and arbitration, debt recovery, pay summons, conciliations, property claims, real-estate and constructions transactions, public acquisitions or acquisitions of commercial societies.

By choosing us as your partners, you will benefit from our wide and solid experience accumulated in the years of practice from our various clients that belong to all areas, from medium sized companies to banks and companies which are parts of a multinational structure.

Among these, the most well-known are The Romanian Bank for Development GSG SA,The Romanian Commercial Bank, UniCredit, The Anglo-Romanian Bank, S.C. RVA S.A, companies under Tender Group, S.C. National Investments Company, S.C. Euroinvest S.R.L, S.C. EUROTYRES Company.

Main Areas of Activity

Serving your interests, we are prepared to bring the same high standard of professionalism and loyalty that helped us gain our current clients’ trust and led to the formation and maintenance of long-term partnerships with them.

Representing and assisting the persons involved in the insolvency procedure
Assisting the investors in taking over the trade companies in financial difficulties or their assets

Recovering debt • Loan security
Loan risk and unperformant loans analysis
Representation and assistance in obtaining financial support for acquisitions
Development of property projects • Current activity, refinancing

Representation and assistance in commercial and civil litigations
Assistance in solving the dispute on agreement stipulations • Arbitration • Mediation

Assisting and representing the investors to obtain the right of property over buildings
Counseling for property and investments development
Counseling for laws and regulations compliance
Infrastructure and other major projects • Public acquisitions • Grants and land leasing
 Public and private partnerships

Success Stories

Over the years, we were involved in manifold complex projects and we take pride in the impressive number of success stories we created. This success can be measured in the hundreds of millions of EURO we recovered for our clients in various insolvency files. We would love to give you more details about these efficiency stories and about the effort we put to shaping them, face to face, at our first meeting. But until then, please see below some of the clients or the projects we were or still are involved in:

Representing commercial societies in debt annulment or recovery.

Two of the most interesting files under this litigation category referred to the insolvency proceedings of SC Republica SA - a file in which our firm recovered approximately 78,000,000 EUR and the insolvency proceeding of SC PSV Company SA - with approximately 32,500,000 EUR recovered from the claim.

Representation of several banks in various insolvency files.

We brought our expertise to more than 200 files of insolvency files in most Courts of Appeal throughout the country, the recovered amounts of money exceeding EUR 60,000,000.

Representation of a bank in the insolvency proceedings of Beyler SA Galati.

This file is very special to us because of the very peculiar problem we had to face – that was to establish, according to the former civil code, if a mortgage created over a land also extends to the future buildings which were not yet completed and registered with the land book. The Court of Appeals Galați irrevocably resolved that the bank’s mortgage also covered the uncompleted buildings (we mention that it was not a mortgage credit). A reorganization plan, whereby the asset funded by the bank should be taken over on the account, was also proposed.

Representation of a foreign investor in the insolvency proceedings of Nicolina SA Iași.

Within this file, our client gained control, in a first phase, over the estate in bankruptcy, which was followed by the purchase of company's assets.

Representation of a bank in the insolvency proceedings of Nord Servicii Hoteliere S.R.L.

The first achievement within this file was that the bank was acknowledged to be the secured creditor for the entire claim, even though this was challenged by the debtor. Secondly, the debtor, by means of interposed companies, registered itself within the estate in bankruptcy with amounts exceeding the equivalent value of EUR 12,000,000 (which was sufficient to exceed the claim in the amount of approximately EUR 11,000,000) consisting mainly in penalties. The purpose was obvious: the control over the proceedings. We obtained the cancellation of the documents whereby such claims arose and, implicitly, their removal from the claims table. Given the circumstances, the bank could control in full the insolvency proceedings and impose thus its strategy.

Representation of a bank in the insolvency proceedings of Centia Equity Management.

On the date when we were retained, the bank was to receive, according to the reorganization plan proposed by the debtor, less than a quarter of its claim. Once we took over the proceedings, we firstly managed to postpone the voting of the reorganization plan proposed by the debtor. Secondly, we challenged the evaluation drawn up in this case, the court ordering that a new expertise be drawn up which showed that the bank's security was close to the bank’s claim. This file was completed by a settlement at the end of which the bank recovered in full its claim (money was received for a part of the claim, and for the rest of the claim, the bank received certain real properties).